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Makeup Junkie Bag

Makeup Junkie Bags are the BEST cosmetic and travel bags you will ever own.  Have you ever had a cosmetic bag that didn't deliver?  If it is wide enough, they fall over, sending cosmetics tumbling about.  If they are deep enough, they become a black hole where you can't find anything you need.  If they are pretty, the interior is not water resistant/washable and become dirty very quickly.

Makeup Junkie bags are perfect cosmetic and travel bags that lay flat on a surface, and has an elongated medial zipper that allows the bag to gape open allowing easy access to all materials while eliminating the changes that the bag will fall over sending products everywhere.  


Ladies, your days of looking for the perfect cosmetic and travel bag are over.  These beauties have been featured in USA Today Best, Southern Bride Magazine, Woman's World, and I am sure you have seen them on Shark Tank!  


Our designers ensure that each handcrafted Midnight Gator comes with a Hot Pink zipper and a stylish coordinating tassel.

*Each Makeup Junkie Bag comes with a moisture resistant, interior liner*

Care Instructions: Midnight Gator is spot clean treatment only, do not use iron.


Mini - 4x7

Small - 7x9

Medium - 8 x 11.5

Large - 9.5 x 13

*Bags will vary up to 3/4 in size due to fabric density.